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Crandell Cattle Company is a two product business, registered Angus and all natural beef. We strive to be the best in the registered Angus business and the best in all natural beef. To learn more about registered Angus (3RC Registered Angus) and all natural beef (CCC All Natural Angus Beef), visit their respective pages, or view their overviews on this page! 

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Serving Southeastern Indiana with quality all natural beef and registered Angus cattle.



Crandell Cattle Co. (3RC) Registered Angus Overview

In addition to our beef we are registered with the American Angus Association and have a small but ever growing Angus herd. We strive to put forth our best abilities in buying/breeding the best registered Angus. We have been a family owned/operated farm since 1899 but have only recently started our registered Angus herd. If you are interested in our genetics feel free to contact us! To learn more about our registered Angus, please visit the "3RC Registered Angus" page. We thank you for your interest in our registered Angus and in considering us for your registered Angus and all natural beef needs.

Crandell Cattle Co. All Natural Angus Beef Overview

We are an all natural beef supplier to everyday people like you, not the big companies. We believe that the customer deserves the best and that is not what they get from large producers. With that being said, we have began our business to help serve our community with simply the best beef. We strive to deliver the best food to you through all natural, no hormone fed and absolutely no antibiotic fed beef. We eat beef from cattle, from the same field, fed the same, and treated the same as yours. We do this because we are confident in our cattle and the beef the produce. We are NOT USDA Certified organic but we do practice "organic" feeding methods. We have an on-site Registered Dietitian that supervises our operations. Read more on the "CCC All Natural Angus Beef" page. Thank you for considering Crandell Cattle Co. for your all natural beef and registered Angus needs.


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If your looking to support local farmers and growers as well as eating better, check out our affilated Facebook Group, Switzerland County Farm Fresh Foods, where many people buy and sell local, natural foods. Through our All Natural Beef and this Facebook Group, we are trying to start a food revolution; revitalize the local economy while eating healthier! Ask to join our Group today! 

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