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All Natural Beef-Registered Angus Cattle

Overview-CCC All Natural Angus Beef


We are an All Natural Beef supplier to everyday people like you, not the big companies. We believe that the customer deserves the best and that is not what they get from large producers. With that being said, we have began our business to help serve our community with simply the best beef. We strive to deliver the best food to you through all natural, no hormone fed and absolutely no antibiotic fed beef. We eat beef from a cow, from the same field, fed the same food, and treated the same as yours. We do this because we are confident in our cattle and the beef we produce. We are NOT USDA Certified organic but we do practice "organic" feeding methods. We have an on-site Registered Dietitian that supervises our operations. Thank you for considering Crandell Cattle Co. for your beef.


Our beef is sold by the 1/4, 1/2, whole. These bulk selections are great for families, parties and other events.  

Best Taste. Best Price. Most Healthy. Locally Grown.

Crandell Cattle Company! 


Our pricing depends on your specifications. If you want to place an order, please visit our Get Quote/Order(Beef) page to fill out a pricing form and we will contact you within 24 hrs with a quote via email or phone. 


 Amounts of beef orderable: - 

- 1/4 or about 130-170 pounds

1/2 or about 270-350 pounds

Whole Animal or about 550-750 pounds


 Price of beef according to order size:  - 

- 1/4 beef costs $4.00 per pound hanging weight

1/2 beef costs $3.75 per pound hanging weight

Whole Animal costs $3.50 per pound hanging weight 



 Please note: There is a butchering fee that applies to all orders, this fee is about 50 CENTS per pound hanging weight.

Things you should know

-We are a small family farm, this means we usually only butcher 1-3 times a year.

-Our prices do fluctuate, to get a CONFIRMED price, please visit our Get Quote/Order(Beef) and fill   out the form.

-The sooner you submit an order, the better chances of getting beef. Like stated above, we only butcher a few times per year and beef sells out quickly each butchering. 

-When you order beef, we require a deposit. When your beef is ready to be picked up from the butcher,  we require your full payment. 

-We sell beef by the 1/4, 1/2, or whole animal.

-When you order beef, you can get it cut HOWEVER YOU WOULD like it to be cut. 

-When you order, we email or call you with all of the details about butchering, etc. Please be sure to check your spam folder for an email from us, our emails always have "Crandell Cattle Company" or "CCC" in the subject.

-Submitting the form on the Get Quote/Order (Beef) page does not obligate you to order beef! When you submit that form, we will email/call you back according to what you specified, give you info on it, including a price, and then, if you'd like to order or have more questions you can email/call us back saying you'd like to place an order or ask your question. 

-We do NOT butcher our beef, we send it to Napoleon's Meat Locker in Napoleon, Indiana. 

-Wondering where all the cuts are on a cow? View this picture to find out!

-Beef has a shelf life of about 1 year, when stored in a freezer... after 1 year, the beef begins to taste bad.

-Want to know why you should buy grass-fed beef? View this article on We also recommend watching Food Inc. and Frankensteer. (click the movie to view it in Netflix)

-If you have questions, you can always email or call us (814-446-2727, Google Voice #) and we'd be glad to answer them for you!